You know - the first year is always the most critical.  Help us get over the hump!  For this first year, we are keeping advertising costs low.  For $50 per month, HCBN will post on our Homepage your logo and hotlink back to your website.  We'll even cut that to $5 per month for the first 3 months.  Not sure about $50?  Then how about $30 for your logo and weblink on the Craft Beer Maps page - we'll even offer the same $5 per month for the first three months. 

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Same, same here - first year is cheap!  For this first year, You can sponsor an episode of TAPROOM TALK for just $10 - c'mon...THAT'S ONE CRAFT BEER!  Your sponsorship will give you a 15-second blurb about your business.  If you sponsor three TAPROOM TALK segments this first year, then we'll throw you a bone and give you a 25% discount on TAPROOM TALK sponsorships for the next two years.  Yep...and an HCBN window decal.


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We're a start-up...we need cashflow!  If you would like to just help out a fellow BEER GEEK, then consider a nominal $1 per month contribution.  Remember - this is content build time!  You make it $2 per month, and we'll throw in an HCBN sticker just like the big folks get! 

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